Saturday, January 4, 2020

That Which is Old Becomes New Again (?) The Show Might Return If...

At the conclusion of Year 2018 I announced that the Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Show would end. 

Starting January, 2019 a successor show -Asia Today with Jeffrey Bingham Mead- would begin broadcasting in Radio 1490 WGCH in Greenwich, Connecticut USA and WGCH.COM anywhere via realtime streaming over the Internet. 

Change is once again in the air. For those of you who miss the Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Show I may have some good news.

I have been offered the opportunity to expand the present broadcast to one-hour instead of the current 30-minute show that has always been our format. An expanded show with expanded coverage of Asia -and not just China- necessitates going to a full hour. That means that Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim could return as a segment of a one-hour broadcast. 

That's cause for celebration in my book -and I hope you'll join me, too.

I have established a GoFundMe campaign (CLICK HERE) to help support the Asia Today Show. I humbly ask you to support the show this way as best you can. Broadcasts rely upon advertisers, sponsors and underwriters. 

I should explain that show hosts like me are not employees of the radio station. We function as independent contractors who lease airtime from any respective station. There are costs associated with radio broadcasting. 

Please contact me anytime at or here are 

Thank you! Xiexie!

Jeffrey Bingham Mead, Host and Producer

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Final Broadcast of Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim

It's time, my friends! 

Please tune in tomorrow, Saturday, December 29, 2018 for the final broadcast of Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim at 10:30 a.m. Eastern USA Time on 1490 WGCH Greenwich, Connecticut and anywhere.

This month marks the 81st anniversary of one of China's most horrific tragedies in its modern history: the Nanking Massacre. I'm featuring an encore interview with Dr. Ying-Ying Chang, mother of the legendary author the late Iris Chang who authored The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II. I hope you listen, that we never forget and that the Nanking Massacre be more prominently studied in American history courses. 

The show will feature the Confucius Moment, Treasures of China and Chinese Fun Facts.

There's good news to share, too. You may remember my show interview with Documentarian Rick Quan regarding No Ordinary Joe: The Allen Joe Story. This wonderfully touching documentary will be shown at the Asians on Film Festival January 19-20, 2019 at Monk Space in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California. 

President Trump signed into law the Chinese American World War II Veteran Congressional Gold Medal Act the night before last week's broadcast. At last, approximately 20,000 Chinese American veterans of World War II will be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. A grateful nation salutes those who served so bravely and those of you who advocated for them and this well-deserved legislation. 

Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim started three years ago after I returned from China in 2015. I was a guest of the Chinese government in honor of my late father and his fellow China Marines who served in World War II. The ten days I spent in China witnessing the 70th year commemoration of the end of the war was transformational. This program was one of the most profound accidents in my life and career. 

I am grateful to those of you who have been on the show or with me behind the scenes who made this broadcast a success. Likewise, I am grateful to Beijing AmBridge International Culture Development, Ltd. for having the foresight and vision to underwrite this show. That goes for our other sponsors and advertisers both past and present. 

As a bonus to you I've uploaded tomorrow's show to our archival channel on in case you cannot listen live in realtime. Click this link and enjoy!

Are we finished? Well, not by a long shot.

Starting Saturday, January 5, 2019 we're starting a new show! Please tune in for Asia Today with Jeffrey Bingham Mead on 1490 WGCH Greenwich, Connecticut and anywhere starting 10:30 a.m. Eastern USA Time. 

We're expanding our horizons to include all of Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia and related communities across America -and even beyond. The colors, textures, voices and the ever-evolving traditions of Asian culture have been taking the world by storm. 

If you know me, I'm looking to have my insatiable curiosity satisfied. You're welcomed -as always- to be a part of this journey. We're always looking for support for this new show. Our aim is to attain national syndication, too. I'm always looking for interesting guests. Please contact me! 

That's a wrap! Stay in touch, be well and best wishes to one and all for a fantastic Year 2019. From the bottom of my heart to yours, thank you! Xiexie! 

Warmest gratitude,

Jeffrey Bingham Mead
Host, Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim
AM1490 WGCH and, Greenwich, Connecticut USA
Mobile Phone: 1-808-721-0306
P.O. Box 183, Honolulu HI 96810-0183 USA
P.O. Box 184, Greenwich CT 06836 USA

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Special Thank You! Final Broadcast of Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Saturday, December 29 -And A New Beginning!

As we conclude the third year of the Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Show I look back with a great deal of joy. 

When the show started broadcasting on Radio 1490 WGCH Greenwich, Connecticut and online via I had no idea that so many lives would be touched -and that my experience here would be personally transformational. 

Throughout this time I've met and welcomed some of the most extraordinary people -all united in a shared interest and admiration for Chinese culture. They -far more than me- are the ones who made this weekly broadcast the success that it is to the point where the show was approved for national syndication. 

I am deeply gratified and humbled, particularly to the show's title-sponsor, Beijing AmBridge International Culture Development, Ltd. Beijing AmBridge had the vision to recognize the potential this first-of-its-kind English language broadcast would bring. The same hold true for the leadership and staff at 1490 WGCH Greenwich, Connecticut. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you! Xiexie! 

Times change and so must we. 

It is with some heartfelt emotions that I must announce that the final broadcast of the current run of Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim will be on Saturday, December 29, 2018. 

But as we close one door another opens -and I'm excited, as I hope you will be.

Starting on Saturday, January 2, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern USA Time a new, successor show with a twist will begin its run on 1490 WGCH and anywhere. 

Asia Today with Jeffrey Bingham Mead will expand our passions and our horizons like never before. You can count on plenty of China and Chinese content in this new show. That's a promise! 

We'll also turn our attention to the cultures and peoples of Eastern Asia and Southeast Asia -and associated communities across the USA- that makes them so interesting and exciting. 

Japan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China -the list goes on! 

I hope you share my insatiable curiosity about this part of the world we share together. There's much to cover in a weekly half-hour radio program. With your interest and support we'll get it done! 

All Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim shows will continue to be archived on, all freely available without a pay firewall. 

The blog site at will continue to be available, and you can still contact me via email here at, too. 

I will be keeping you on the email list of Asia Today with Jeffrey Bingham Mead. I'll be enlisting your help in getting the word out.

You can also count on this: I will be working night and day to make this new show second-to-none in the pursuit of its mission. We're aiming for a broadcast experience that will inspire smiles and bring peoples of all walks of life together in the spirit of friendship. 

By setting a high-bar for excellence we'll be immediately seeking national syndication across the USA with the help of Jeff Webber of Jeff Webber Media, investors, underwriters and sponsors to make that goal a reality we can all be proud of. 

Come join us! We'd love to have you. 

Thank you all! Our best days lay ahead! 

See you on the air,

Jeffrey Bingham Mead
Host, Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim
AM1490 WGCH and, Greenwich, Connecticut USA
Mobile Phone: 1-808-721-0306
P.O. Box 183, Honolulu HI 96810-0183 USA
P.O. Box 184, Greenwich CT 06836 USA

Coming Up Next: Rebecca Woodland and Food & Friendship Tour of Vietnam and Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2019

My friends, contrary to popular perception I'm rather easy to impress. 

Fancy, schmaltzy parties are fine and dandy. Simplicity reigns supreme with me though. A healthy serving of interesting friends, good food and an abundance of laughs increases the wow-factor in my voyaging corner of the Universe. 

Happy? Content? Satisfied? I wouldn't want it any other way. 

My guest on the Saturday, December 22, 2018 broadcast of Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim is Rebecca Woodland

She has been leading people of all backgrounds like you and me on adventures to Vietnam and Angkor Wat, Cambodia combining the best of food and friendship on cross-cultural explorations like none other anywhere. 

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii USA where I recently caught up with her, I asked Rebecca to share the good news of her next Food & Friendship Tour of Vietnam and Angkor Wat, Cambodia. 

What's the good news? There's much to say, as always. This is open to everyone! Learn more at and on a special page I've posted here at

With 96 million people, bustling cities, beautiful beaches, meandering rivers and some of the friendliest people on Earth, Vietnam will tantalize you. Food is at the heart of Vietnamese culture. Its cuisine has spread itself across the world with its distinctive mixes and ranges of flavors. 

We will feature the Confucius Moment, Treasures of China and much more as the show unfolds.

Please join us on Saturday, December 22, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern USA Time on 1490 WGCH Greenwich, Connecticut USA and on anywhere via live audio streaming. See you then!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Pre-empted December 8, 2018

What a pleasure it is to be back in America's Aloha State, Hawaii! 

I arrived here early this morning after a series of convoluted flights across North America. My plans are to be in Honolulu while hosting Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim.

Our next scheduled broadcast of the show has been postponed to Saturday, December 15. Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut -the location of our flagship station 1490 WGCH and anywhere- will be playing football. Ours is not the only show being pre-empted for the occasion.

Mark your calendars: We will be back on-the-air Saturday, December, 22, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern USA Time. 

We'll be featuring an encore interview from Year 2016 with Douglas Chong, the head of the Hawaii Chinese History Center in Honolulu's Chinatown. Chong is a Chinese cultural historian, consultant and director. 

In 2016 the world paused to observe the 150th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the father of modern China. This was particularly important in Hawaii because Dr. Sun lived his formative years here. Douglas Chong is considered one of the world's most luminary authorities on Sun Yet-sen's life and activism in the Hawaiian Islands. 

As the leader of China's 1911 revolution, Sun Yat-sen inspired and organized a movement that overthrew the Qing Dynasty that reigned over China for nearly three hundred years. Born near Macau on November 12, 1866, Sun moved to Honolulu, Hawaii after completing his primary school education to live with his elder brother Sun Mei. Sun Yat-sen studied English, mathematics and science at Iolani School in 1882 and received a prize for his outstanding performance in English from King David Kalakaua. Sun later enrolled at Oahu College, now Punahou School, before returning to China. 

We'll have this and so much more on Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim's Saturday, December 15 show. It starts at 10:30 a.m. on Saturdays on 1490 WGCH and anywhere. 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Support The Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Show's GoFundMe Campaign

We are presently concluding the third successful year of the Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Show on its flagship station 1490 WGCH Greenwich, Connecticut USA and anywhere via audio streaming.  We've started a GoFundMe campaign in order to gain the support needed to get us started on our fourth year on-the-air. 
It all started three years ago. I was a guest of the Chinese government for its 70th year anniversary of the end of World War II in September, 2015. 
Why me? My late father was one of the last of the 'China Marines' who fought in the war against Japanese militarized imperialists. He was in Tianjin for the official surrender and stationed in Beijing until April 1946. I never knew that my late father and the other China Marines are considered national heroes among the Chinese people.  

When I returned to the USA I was interviewed on a daytime talk show on 1490 WGCH . They were so impressed with my performance that I was offered a half-hour weekly spot right then and there! Two months later -and with a Beijing-based title sponsor I was on-the-air. 

Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim  -like my trip to China- was transformational. The show has been a positive one, connecting people and reporting on culture and history like nothing like it before. We've accomplished much -and there's more to do.

Why am I  asking for funds? In order to continue the show I need to raise funds for airtime fees all radio stations require. Contrary to some perceptions we are not employees of the radio station; most of us function as independent contractors. 

This fundraiser is intended to pay for a portion those annual airtime fees.  You can also contact me if you want to be a guest on the Conversations segment, or if you would like to sponsor or advertise on the show. 

The show has been approved for national syndication, too! In the future we want to broadcast from two stations in New York City, and others in Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

For now I need to get our airtime obligations to our flagship station 1490 WGCH Greenwich Connecticut taken care of. 

Want to know more? Listen to the show on  on Saturday mornings starting 10:30 a.m. Eastern USA Time. 
Go to this link to listen to archived shows going all the way to our inaugural broadcasts in early 2016. 

I see a bright future for the show. There's more need than ever for Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim to continue.  Please join with me! I'd love to have you as a listener and a sponsor. Small investments have a way of adding up. 
Thank you! Xiexie!