Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Coming Up Next: Mr. Li Guowu, President, Beijing Yongyuan Charitable Foundation

In recent years Chinese celebrities have emerged as important pillars in the field of charity. Many of these public figures are discovering and initiating new, unique ways to contribute to Chinese society. 

One of these celebrities is Chinese TV anchor Mr. Cui Yongyuan. In 2007 he founded the Beijing Yongyuan Charitable Foundation. Cui Yongyuan is an enthusiastic supporter of oral history research and practices, encouraging more people to participate in recording oral histories. 

 In our next Conversations segment I will be welcoming by phone from China Mr. Li Guowu, the President of the Beijing Yongyuan Charitable Foundation. We’ll hear about how the foundation was started, its goals, mission and accomplishments and more.

For example, the Home, Spring & Autumn Oral History Project was founded by Beijing Yongyuan Charitable Foundation and supported by the Zhejiang Dunhe Foundation, the Cui Yongyuan Oral History Research Center at Communication University of China and the China Social Assistance Foundation

On December 15, 2016 this project was awarded as one of the ‘Top Ten Chinese Documentary Promotors’ at the Guangzhou International Film Festival. More than just an oral history project, it is an historical and cultural project aimed at raising awareness of the importance of oral history and inviting young people in particular  to contribute to it. 

The first two seasons of the Home, Spring & Autumn Oral History Project covered 35 cities, 167 universities and 1,200 people producing  more than 300 works involving more than 50 oral history experts and documentary directors. 

We will feature our usual Confucius Moment and Treasures of China segments, news and, of course, countdown to Chinese New Year! 

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