Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Starts Tonight on PBS: The Story of China with Michael Woods

You've heard us say over and over again that "everything Chinese is all the rage these days." 

We stand by that and always will on the Marvels of China: Pathways to the Pacific Rim Show on 1490 WGCH in Greenwich, Connecticut USA and anywhere on WGCH.com

With that said, I am delighted to remind you that The Story of China with Michael Wood premiers tonight throughout the USA and online on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS)

Go to this link.   Go to the PBS web site, look up your local affiliate to see both broadcast dates and times. 

Michael Wood introduces his new documentary series on PBS that tells the story of China from its ancient roots to the present day. He explains that if you want to know about China today, you need to understand its history and the events and ideas that have shaped its modern people. 

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