Monday, March 20, 2017

Coming Up Next: Mr. Michael Liu, the director of Chinese Community Initiatives, Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts at Flushing Town Hall New York City

Flushing, Queens, New York City is a phenomenal place. Just ask the people in the image above. 

When I rode the #7 Subway from Grand Central Terminal to Main Street I never imagine the surprise that awaited me when I emerged for the first time. 

I felt as if I took the subway to a destination in Chinese-speaking Asia. When I related my first impressions to good friend and former show guest Dr. Dave Wang he just laughed -and I could not blame him. 

After lunch we ventured to historic Flushing Town Hall, headquarters of Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts. This hub of cultural activity features an impressive myriad of fascinating Asian-themed programs serving the community.

My guest on the upcoming March 25 broadcast is Mr. Michael Liu, the director of Chinese Community Initiatives at Flushing Town Hall. 

I'm looking forward to introducing you to Michael Liu, to the successful programs he manages and how you can experience and be enriched by everything that the Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts has to offer -and how you can join the fun and support its mission.

We'll head off to another amazing Chinese destination on Treasures of China, get our weekly dose of wisdom on the Confucius Moment, hear about exhibits, programs and happens and more! 

Mark your calendar! Tune in for Saturday's broadcast starting at 10:30 a.m. Eastern USA Time/ 10:30 p.m. Beijing Time on March 25, 2017 on 1490 WGCH and anywhere via streaming audio on

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